Tuesday Boating

Welcome Lowry Bay Yacht Club Members, Fellow Boaties at Seaview Marina and Friends!

Tuesday Boating is a new event series hosted by LBYC for Club Members, Seaview Marina boat owners and friends, starting at the LBYC club house at 1.00 pm on Tuesday, 7 July 2020.

If proven successful, this series of events could also be open to the wider community around the Wellington Harbour.


Further to the more flexible work / life balance experienced during COVID-19 Lockdown, a desire for regular on-the-water boating practice during the week was expressed by a number of people, in addition to the busy weekend racing and cruising programmes of the clubs,.

Tuesday Boating aims at reducing drama at sea and would have the following objectives:
·          to provide regular, informal and fun-filled boating events at LBYC to a broader group of boating people in addition to Club racing and cruising;
·          to practice boating skills relevant to  maritime safety and the local marine environment;
·          to add practical experience to existing boating skill courses (such as by Coast Guard, Yachting NZ or institutions under Maritime NZ).

Tuesday Boating would be organised as follows:


a)       The series of events will be self-organised by a nominated Organising Team,

b)      events will be prepared by volunteer Event Leaders;

c)       an initial Organising Team of three would organise the series of events and select priorities;

d)      the events will be held at 1.00 pm every first and third Tuesday every month, meeting at the LBYC Clubhouse, on the water or any other suitable venue at or as required;

e)      a typical format would be ½-hour briefing, 2-hour water practice and 1-hour debriefing; (note: sail- or trailer-boats may need additional time, say half an hour, to get ready, and probably half an hour to get back into the trailer park or to put sails away);

f)        the Club may be open for drinks afterwards, if someone with a bar license was available; one or more people could get trained up for this duty;

g)       the primary focus is on practical experience on the water, weather permitting, or otherwise be turned into indoor exercises or boating related fun events;

h)      communications about events and supporting information will be by electronic means;

i)        boat owners, crew or friends register their interest online or by email at TuesdayBoating@lbyc.org.nz ;

j)        the programme will be published on LBYC and Seaview Marina channels; the events will generally have a combination of technical, educational and fun elements (e.g. small competitions, quizzes, social aspects including tea, coffee & biscuits, and drinks if someone is at the bar; toys and child-friendly food and drinks will also be available);

the Event Leader would get a mention in Club records and a small present, e.g. a bottle of wine.

The events would provide practical experience to topics along Maritime NZ, Yachting NZ,  Coastguard, LBYC and Seaview Marina recommendations such as:


1)          Launch of Series and Solstice Sun Sight Sextant practice (Guenter, 23.6.2020), 

2)          Knots, Ropes, Boat Management 1 (Brent & Guenter, 7.7.2020)

3)          Boat Handling and Berthing (Facilitator still open, 21.7.2020)

4)          Mooring, Anchoring and Rafting-Up (Facilitator still open, 4.8.2020)

5)          Man-Over-Board

6)          Navigation and Instruments

7)          Radio Practice

8)          Heavy weather boating and sailing

9)          Safety Rules and Equipment

10)       Voyage Planning and Preparation

11)       Food and Cooking on Board

12)       Climbing up Masts

13)       Motor Operation and Management

14)       Emergency Steering

15)       Night Sailing

16)       Operating a life raft

17)       Distress Signals

18)       Boat management (a multi-event series)

19)       Marina and Harbour Rules

20)       Equipment, material and service procurement

21)       Single-handed sailing

22)       Celestial Navigation

23)       Tours to Harbours, Nautical, Environmental and Cultural Places

24)       Cruising Events

As required, priorities will be amended along the season, availability of Event Facilitators and other circumstances. 

Events could be repeated or expanded either on other Tuesdays or other week days

A separate series could deal with environmental boating events, such as

  • waste management and hygiene;

  • spills of oil, environmental safety;

  •  anti-fouling, paints, local rules about coastal and seabed protection;

  • birds and sea life, fish, sea floor, rocks;

  • clean ups of moorings and other harbour features.






The list will be updated monthly, about one month ahead of events.

Tuesday Boating Organising Team

Email: TuesdayBoating@lbyc.org.nz

Initial contact person: Guenter Wabnitz (021) 616255.

The Tuesday Boating programme will be determined by the interests of Participants and by priorities set by the Organising Team, and may be influenced by external factors such as weather.