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Your Cruising Committee for 2020/2021

Rear Commodore - Cruising       Guenter Wabnitz

Practical Boating Plan here

Aims of the Cruising Committee 
We aim to provide club members with: 
  •  Events and activities that includes all members’ interests; 

  •  Summer and Winter programme; 

  •  Increased Safety Awareness and Practice; 

  •  ‘Technical’ and ‘Social/Nautical’ events

Got a suggestion for an event? Send your suggestion to our Cruising Captain

I think we should.....


− Safety sessions;

− VHF – regulatory courses and VHF 


− Engines and Ancillary Systems e.g 

electrical, fridge/cooling, drive lines − ‘Safety Saturdays’


− Cruising presentations;

− ‘Movie’ nights;

− ‘Noggin and Natter’ nights;

− Visits to places of interest;

Social Cruising Events
− Raft-ups
− BBQ on islands
− Fireworks night

Special Interests
− Dedicated trailer sailer
− Dedicated launch/motor
vessel events;
− Fishing competitions;

Cruising Events
− Cook Strait Crossing Flotillas;
− Sail/Dine nights;
− Provide a ‘Rendezvous Schedule’
during holiday periods;

We are in the LYBC Winter Program, which has a primary focus on ‘off water’ events,
(except for a few ‘raft-ups’ in the Harbour.

So far this year we have:

A Presentation of 5 years cruising the Southern US, Bahamas and Caribbean;
Presented 3 ‘Engines’n’Stuff sessions on propulsion systems and auxiliaries, with
an emphasis on the faults and how to solve them;
Provided a ‘live’ demonstration of life raft use and deployment;
Held film nights every month
Two raft up’s and BBQ’s

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