Cruising Events coming up:

• Electronic navigation + equipment 12th September @7.00pm – big thanks to Geoff Thorn for running this event. He will be presenting on electronic navigation, weather forecasting and communicating at sea. • First time crossing Cook Strait - Planning night 17th September – another thanks to Keith Murray for agreeing to present the first part of the evening – he has a huge amount of experience, with many Strait crossings.


Your Cruising Committee for 2018 / 2019

Rear Commodore - Cruising       Martin Payne

Cruising Committee                      Mel Hines (Keeler) 

Cruising Committee                      Bill Dashfield (trailer-sailer)

Cruising Committee                      Carl Longstaff (keeler)

Cruising Committee                      Andrew Boswell (launch)

Aims of the Cruising Committee 
We aim to provide club members with: 
  •  Events and activities that includes all members’ interests; 

  •  Summer and Winter programme; 

  •  Increased Safety Awareness and Practice; 

  •  ‘Technical’ and ‘Social/Nautical’ events

Got a suggestion for an event? Send your suggestion to our Cruising Captain

I think we should.....


− Safety sessions;

− VHF – regulatory courses and VHF 


− Engines and Ancillary Systems e.g 

electrical, fridge/cooling, drive lines − ‘Safety Saturdays’


− Cruising presentations;

− ‘Movie’ nights;

− ‘Noggin and Natter’ nights;

− Visits to places of interest;

Social Cruising Events
− Raft-ups
− BBQ on islands
− Fireworks night

Special Interests
− Dedicated trailer sailer
− Dedicated launch/motor
vessel events;
− Fishing competitions;

Cruising Events
− Cook Strait Crossing Flotillas;
− Sail/Dine nights;
− Provide a ‘Rendezvous Schedule’
during holiday periods;


The LYBC Forum encourages members to engage in open discussion on specific topics
of interest to all members. This is a place to ask those questions you want answers,
thoughts and ideas on. It is also a means of communication between members.
The LYBC Forum has ‘Main Topics’ on the forum board and discussion is made on
‘threads’ where individuals post their comments and views.

Winter Program (Monday 22nd April 2019 to 1st November 2019)

We are in the LYBC Winter Program, which has a primary focus on ‘off water’ events,
(except for a few ‘raft-ups’ in the Harbour.

So far this year we have:

A Presentation of 5 years cruising the Southern US, Bahamas and Caribbean;
Presented 3 ‘Engines’n’Stuff sessions on propulsion systems and auxiliaries, with
an emphasis on the faults and how to solve them;
Provided a ‘live’ demonstration of life raft use and deployment;
Held film nights every month
Two raft up’s and BBQ’s

Cruising Options:

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