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Join Lowry Bay Yacht Club

The club offers a number of membership categories as follows:



This provides access to the club, cruising and social events, bar and function access, discounted clubhouse hire, and the ability to register a racing yacht on the club’s boat register. It provides full voting rights at AGM’s.

Cost is $169.34 per membership year



A partner, or a child aged 17-20, of a senior member. Has limited membership rights.

Cost is $106.37 per membership year


A country member shall reside in the North Island living outside the northern boundary determined by the line on the top of the Rimutakas, or north of the Waikanae River, or in the South Island or overseas, and be over the age of twenty on 1 April. Country members may not actively participate in club racing. Has limited membership rights.

Cost is $106.37 per membership year.


Yacht owners who wish to participate in any racing, can either pay a yearly fee, a series fee or a per race fee. 

$200 for the entire season. Please refer to the Season Notice of Race for series fees.

Membership Forms

To apply to become a member you can download a membership application form and return it to the club with payment. Senior members are usually available at the club on Friday evenings to sign new applications.


Boat register

Update your boat details on the club’s boat register.

New Boaties

Have you just bought a boat (or are thinking about getting one), or have one and are wanting to increase both your skills and your use of it?


Would you like to crew on a boat? Our members are often looking for new crew members. Send us a message with your contact details, level of experience and availability and we will let our club members know.


The club is known for its friendly supportive atmosphere, and the way it actively encourages new members with support and advice.


Have you got a boat and want to try racing?

Wondering if you might like have a go at racing? Almost everyone who tries it absolutely loves it! For many newcomers though the most daunting thing about beginning racing is getting their heads around the seemingly complex (but in reality, not all that tricky) rules and knowing what to do the first time they get out in a yacht race. We understand (and have all been there ourselves!) and the club has ways that make it easy to take that first step:


  • We run a few racing divisions, with our Cruising division being ideally suited to learning, as it is quite relaxed, doesn’t have as many boats, and doesn’t use spinnakers. It’s how many of our members started racing (and is home to several experienced sailors with cruising boats). We sail throughout the year, and the current racing programme will show you what is coming up.


  • We can arrange for experienced people to come out with you for your first few races, just to help you settle in, and to explain the confusing bits.


  • On Friday nights during daylight saving months we run social, non-spinnaker, evening races. These are a great way to unwind after work, and to improve your skills in a fairly relaxed environment.



Club volunteers are important to our success. There are many areas of the club where volunteers are required, both on and off the water. If you are keen to help in any way, please register as a volunteer with the Club Manager. This can be very rewarding and a good way to meet new people whilst giving back to the sport.


Please contact us if you have any questions or just want to find out more about getting involved.


Geoff Thorn - Commodore -

General enquiries -


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