Racing at LBYC

Lowry Bay enjoys an active sailing programme throughout the year.

New boats are always welcome. There is a combined racing division for those who enjoy robust racing, and a Cruising division for those who enjoy a more relaxed race.

We generally sail on Sunday afternoons from the start line out from the LBYC Start Box on the wharf to the south of Seaview Marina. The bar is always open afterwards to relax on the deck or in the warm inside, with food and drinks. In summer we also sail on Wednesday and Friday evenings (no spinnakers).

To register for a race simply call in to the club rooms an hour before the start. If you are coming across from the other side of the harbour, call up "Lowry Bay Sports" on VHF Channel 62 prior to the start to register and receive the course over the air. You might like to read our sailing instructions and see where the racing marks are before you start.

For a summary of the 2019/2020 racing calendar, please click HERE

or view the calendar.